1. PCHL: - Load program counter with HL contents. The contents of registers H and L are copied into the program counter. The contents of H are placed as the high-order byte and the contents of L as the low order byte.

2. RST: - The RST instruction is equivalent to a 1- byte call instruction to one of eight memory
locations depending upon the number. The instructions are generally used in conjunction with interrupts and inserted using external hardware. However these can be used as software instructions in a program to transfer program execution to one of the eight locations.
The addresses are:

RST 0  0000H
RST1   0008H
RST 2  0010H
RST 3  0018H
RST 4  0020H
RST 5  0028H
RST 6  0030H
RST 7  0038H

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