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Features of 8086

Basic features:-

1.It is 16 bit processor. So that it has 16 bit ALU, 16 bit registers and internal data bus and 16 bit external data bus. It make s faster processing.

2.It has three version based on the frequency of operation:
a)8086 -> 5MHz
b)8086-2 ->8MHz
c)8086-1 ->10 MHz

3.8086 has 20 bit address lines to access memory. Hence it can access 

Comparison of 8085 and 8086

There are some of the difference mentioned below:

 8085 is 8 bit microprocessor whereas 8086 is 16 bit microprocessor.

2.Address Bus:-
8085 has 16 bit address bus and 8086 has 20 bit addres bus.

8085 can access upto 2^16 = 64 Kb of memory whereas 8086 can access upto

Introduction to 8086 Microprocessor

  • 8086 is an enhanced version of 8085 that has been developed by Intel in 1976.
  • It is a 16 bit Microprocessor. It has a powerful instruction set and it is capable to providing multiplication and division operations directly. It has 20 address lines and 16 data lines. So it can access upto 1 MB of memory.

Hardware Interrupts in 8085......(Interrupts Contd)........

Hardware Interrupt:-
As i have already discussed that there are 6 interrupt pins in the microprocessor used as Hardware Interrrupts given below:
INTA is not an interrupt. INTA is used by the Microprocessor for sending

Software Interrupts in 8085.....(Interrupt Contd..)

Software Interrupts:-
A software interrupts is a particular instructions that can be inserted into the desired location in the rpogram. There are eight Software interrupts in 8085 Microprocessor. From RST0 to RST7.


Interrupts in 8085 Microprocessor

First of all i want to discuss that what is Interrupt???????

Interrupt is a mechanism by which an I/O or an instruction can suspend the normal execution of processor and get itself serviced. Generally, a particular task is assigned to that interrupt signal. In the microprocessor based system the interrupts are used for data transfer between the peripheral  devices and the microprocessor. The processor will check the interrupts always at the 2nd T-state of last machine cycle.

Interrupt Service Routine(ISR):-A small program or a routine that when executed services

Solution of interfacing using RAM and ROM both at a time.

As we know that a data is stored only in one memory location and we also know that

Memory Interfacing Using RAM and ROM both with 8085 Microprocessor

Interfacing RAM and ROM both at a time with 8085:

Here ROM with 32 kb and RAM with 64kb has been used.

32kb = 32768bytes   is equal to

Memory Interfacing in 8085 Microprocessor.

Memory Interfacing:-As we know that any system which process digital data needs the facility for storing the data. Interfacing is a technique to be used for connecting the Microprocessor to Memory.

Now a days Semiconductor memories are used for storing purpose. There are some of the advantages of the

Representation of signals in Timing Diagram

1.Clock Signals:-As we know that the microprocessor operates with reference to clock signals provided to it. At pins X1 and X2 we provide clock signals and this frequency is divided by two. This frewuency is called as the operating frequency.

Questions And Answers.......

Q>Differentiate between Microprocessor and Microcomputer?

Q>What is an interrupt?

Q>Draw and explain the block diagram of 8085.

Q>List the function of ALU.

Q>What is the function

How to Demultiplex Address and Data Bus

Generally, 74LS373 Latch IC is used for latching the address issued by Microprocessor.
It has 8-latches(D-flip flop).

Address will

Continue to Pin Diagram and its description

Control And Status Signal:-
S0 and S1:-It is used for the status signal in microprocessor.

ALE(Airthmetic Latch Enable):-This signal is used to capture the lower address presented on multiplexed address and data bus.

RD:-This is active low input generally

Pin Diagram of 8085 Microprocessor with Description

8085 is a general purpose microprocessor having 40 pins and works on single power supply. To study the pin diagram we group

Microcomputers and Microprocessor

Microcomputer:-Microcomputers are much smaller computer. They operate still more slowly and they work with still smaller data words (typically 4 bits, 8 bits, 16 bits or 32 bits).
They can address few thousands to

8085 Bus Structure

There are three buses in Microprocessor:
1.Address Bus
2.Data Bus
3.Control Bus

Architechture of 8085

This is the functional block diagram of the 8085 Microprocessor.

This is the function

Application Of Microprocessor in general life

There are a lot of applications of Microprocessor in general life.Some of the applications are given below:

Introduction to Microprocessor

8085 Microprocessor Definition: When we hear the word microprocessor then what comes to our mind is a small (i.e-micro) IC that can process data i.e- perform airthmetic and logical operations. Microprocessor reads the instructions from memory and excutes it line by line.
As we know that all of this operation is performedGenerally all of this operation is done by the ALU unit in Microprocessor.


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