Basic features:-

1.It is 16 bit processor. So that it has 16 bit ALU, 16 bit registers and internal data bus and 16 bit external data bus. It make s faster processing.

2.It has three version based on the frequency of operation:
a)8086 -> 5MHz
b)8086-2 ->8MHz
c)8086-1 ->10 MHz

3.8086 has 20 bit address lines to access memory. Hence it can access 
                  2^20 = 1 MB memory location.

4.8086 has 16-bit address lines to access I/O devices, hence it can access
                  2^16 = 64K I/O location

5.Pipelining:-8086 uses two stage of pipelining. First is Fetch Stage and the second is Execute Stage.

Fetch stage that prefetch upto 6 bytes of instructions stores them in the queue.
Execute stage that executes these instructions.
Pipelining improves the performance of the processor so that operation is faster.

6.Operates in two modes:-8086 operates in two modes:
a)Minimum Mode: A system with only one microprocessor.
b)Maximum Mode:-A system with multiprocessor.

7.8086 uses memory banks:-The 8086 uses a memory banking system. It means entire data is not stored sequentially in a single memory of 1 MB but memory is divided into two banks of 512KB.

8.Interrupts:-8086 has 256 vectored interrupts.

9.Multiplication And Division:-8086 has a powerful innstrction set. So that it supports Multiply and Divide operation.

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